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Also indicate what should this product not be doing.
If no, please tell us why you think this product has not identified a real problem to solve.

Please suggest on how this product should be priced, or simply put, monetised.

Tell us of what products do you think are competing with this product.

Please tell us of a marketing hack that would/should be applied on this product to blow its current user base out of proportion.

Can you connect us with a tech lead good on all devices and/or marketing lead who understands distribution of web apps well to further help us build Todoed full time?

If yes, please elaborate. We will be willing to pay any price for such a match, both, to you and off course him/her.
If you have any opinion on bettering the UI/UX of this product, please shed some light right here.

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Do you foresee some exit for this product? Please suggest what you think can be a good exit path for this product.

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Out of all Preseed Web Lab ideas which idea grasps your attention the most ?

Will you come on board as an advisor of sorts to Preseed Web Lab?

Any other suggestions you may have for us.

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